Picture of the author with a metal dragon sculpture in the desert 9/4/2023

Tags: Sveltekit,Cloudflare,mdsvex,tailwindcss

New with Sveltekit, mdsvex, Tailwind, Cloudflare Pages

It can be loads of fun building stuff in your spare time, but sometimes after a few years trying to keep it maintained I start to groan.

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Children's pool seawall in La Jolla 4/21/2022

Tags: Raft,Distributed Systems


What a great way to be confronted by the limit of things you can hold in your brain at one time!

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An old typewriter 6/26/2019

Tags: haskell,servant

Haskell Servant App ekadanta-co

It's perhaps old school to render HTML via a backend server, but these HTML-rendering functions are simple and clean and it's fast enough for our purposes.

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Los Angeles freeways 10 and 110 11/1/2018

Tags: haskell

Parsing Millions of Large JSON files in Haskell

That's a lot of gigs.

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A mug with a child's drawing on it 10/1/2014

Tags: haskell

Taco Shop Name Generator

A taco shop name generator is an obvious first-program to write in Haskell.

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