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Haskell Servant App ekadanta-co

It may be kind of silly rendering HTML via a backend server, but these HTML-rendering functions are simple and clean and it's fast enough for our purposes.

Over the years, I've built many personal websites mostly to be able to have somewhere to write blog-posts or write notes to myself on how I have solved different problems. Sometimes I get overly ambitious because I'm trying to learn how to do different things that may prove useful in my day job.

For my last site, for instance, I built a Servant app with an Elm frontend and I quickly got to a point where the application was too large for the amount of time I have to dedicate to it in my spare time (I have a young child at home and other interests as well).

Now, I could have just used a static site generator, because there' s nothing dynamic in the content. However, I wasn't interested in doing that, so I built a Servant that renders HTML and uses an Elasticsearch backend.

Elasticsearch Client

Servant and Blaze

Deploying Docker Containers