👋 Hi, I'm Erik.

I'm a former English teacher and freelance writer. Now I work as a software developer in San Diego, California. My areas of expertise are Python, Javascript, ETL, DevOps, cloud infrastructure, and application design.

My interests include functional programming in Haskell, natural language processing, surfing, and playing with Milo (my son).


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Parsing Millions of Large JSON files in Haskell

That's a lot of gigs.

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Haskell Servant App ekadanta-co

It's perhaps old school to render HTML via a backend server, but these HTML-rendering functions are simple and clean and it's fast enough for our purposes.

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Taco Shop Name Generator

A taco shop name generator is an obvious first-program to write in Haskell.

Latest Post

Understanding Python's ASGI Spec

The ASGI spec is a readable document and by following it and we can build a basic web service.