👋 Hi, I'm Erik.

I'm a software developer in San Diego, California, working in Python, Rust, and Kubernetes. My interests include functional programming in Haskell and Rust, as well as surfing, and spending time near the ocean.

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Parsing Millions of Large JSON files in Haskell

That's a lot of gigs.

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Haskell Servant App ekadanta-co

It's perhaps old school to render HTML via a backend server, but these HTML-rendering functions are simple and clean and it's fast enough for our purposes.

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Taco Shop Name Generator

A taco shop name generator is an obvious first-program to write in Haskell.

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A Little Disassembling

The other day at work someone asked me on Slack why their Python code was behaving in an odd way. I took a look and was completely wrong in my first response.