Kern River on a bridge at Kennedy Meadows looking north 10/11/2023

Tags: distributed systems,second systems

Are Second Systems Inevitable

Maybe first and second systems exist because at some point work stops and the system gets frozen in space, and if we could just keep constantly evolving the "first system" we could avoid "second systems" entirely.

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Los Angeles freeways 10 and 110 8/12/2023

Tags: python,fastapi,starlette

What Cost Convenience: FastAPI and the Responsibility for Others' Opinions

I believe a lot of open source project popularity is based on convenience. If libraries make certain actions convenient then developers will often overlook the effort to customize behaviors from the library.

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A mug with a child's drawing on it 6/25/2023

Tags: python,Opentelemetry,Sqlalchemy

Oh no opentelemetry! Memory leaks in instrumenting Sqlalchemy

It's weird when half a dozen people are looking at the diff saying "All we did was add Open Telemetry! We've added it to over a dozen projects now!"

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Children's pool seawall in La Jolla 12/16/2020

Tags: python

A Little Disassembling

The other day at work someone asked me on Slack why their Python code was behaving in an odd way. I took a look and was completely wrong in my first response.

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A child playing on the beach 8/20/2020

Tags: python,http

Understanding Python's ASGI Spec

The ASGI spec is a readable document and by following it and we can build a basic web service.

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